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Beat The Heat in 2015 with Pryme Rehydration and Cooling products.

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Sprains & Strains

Stopping Sprains
& Strains

In Australia up to 10% of injury claims are knee related, and up to 38% of injury claims are back related.

Ergodyne Squids 3119, 3119EXT Triple-Locking Dual Carabiner

Ergodyne® Squids® 3119 Triple-Locking Dual Carabiner

Tethers tools to prevent injury, damage and lost productivity from dropped tools.

Falling Objects Prevention, Safe work at Heights, Tethers

Prevent Small Falling Objects at Work

"Even a 1 Kg spanner dropped from a height of 4 metres will hit the ground travelling over 30Km/h."


Stop the Drops

Keep Workers Cool and Hydrated

Specialised Industrial Skin Care

Watch the Ergodyne, 3Ts of Falling Objects Safety at Heights

Pryme is an ardent supporter of the Myeloma Australia’s cause and is keen to promote awareness of this largely unknown disease. Multiple myeloma is a blood cancer originating in the plasma cells of the bone marrow and Myeloma Australia provides four primary programs, all of which involve the services of the myeloma support nurses to spread awareness and offer extensive support.

Myeloma Telephone Support Line 1800 MYELOMA (1800 693 566)

A confidential service providing patients, relatives, carers and health professionals with ready access to information about myeloma, relevant referrals and support for their particular situation.

 Myeloma Workshops and Seminars

Providing the myeloma community access to up to date information from myeloma specialist doctors and other health care professionals. These events are also a great opportunity to network with other people in a similar situation

Myeloma Information and Support Groups

A welcoming and friendly space to meet other members of the myeloma community to share experiences and learn from various guest speakers from a health management and practical perspective.

Myeloma Education for Health Professionals

Providing health professionals with up to date information on aspects of treatment, care and management of myeloma patients to be disseminated to the patient/carer.

For more Information, Support, or to make a donation visit the Myeloma Australia Website

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