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Rehydration & Cooling

Beat The Heat in 2015 with Pryme Rehydration and Cooling products.

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Sprains & Strains

Stopping Sprains
& Strains

In Australia up to 10% of injury claims are knee related, and up to 38% of injury claims are back related.

Ergodyne Squids 3119, 3119EXT Triple-Locking Dual Carabiner

Ergodyne® Squids® 3119 Triple-Locking Dual Carabiner

Tethers tools to prevent injury, damage and lost productivity from dropped tools.

Falling Objects Prevention, Safe work at Heights, Tethers

Prevent Small Falling Objects at Work

"Even a 1 Kg spanner dropped from a height of 4 metres will hit the ground travelling over 30Km/h."


Stop the Drops

Keep Workers Cool and Hydrated

Specialised Industrial Skin Care

Watch the Ergodyne, 3Ts of Falling Objects Safety at Heights

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