Hydration Safety 356

During the summer months, hydration is a big topic. However, dehydration can and does occur during winter months as well. This is called cold stress. It can even be more hazardous in cold weather due to thirst suppression, lack of perspiration, diuretics and increased urination.

It’s crucial to hydrate yourself with Sqwincher to stay safe and healthy both in the winter as well as summer months.

Fact or Myth?

Dehydration is often overlooked in cold weather. This is true, because the importance of fluid intake is underestimated during colder conditions. Dehydration is just as hazardous, if not more, in cold weather due to thirst suppression. People tend to consume warmer liquids like coffee when it’s cold outside. Coffee doesn’t have the electrolytes your body needs to perform, which leaves the body vulnerable to dehydration.

You don’t sweat in colder months so you don’t need to drink as much. This is a myth. The body is using energy to keep it at its normal temperature of 37ºC. Combine this amount of exertion with the amount exerted at work and it’s easy to see how important it is to replenish fluids during the winter months. Remember, wearing proper clothing and layering is also crucial during winter

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