[row][col type=”2_3″ class=”box box_border box_pryme_light”]Since its launch in 1999, Pryme has established itself as a leader in heat stress management solutions for the Australian mining, oil & gas, power, energy and construction sectors. Pryme’s solutions enable your business to comply with new Workplace Health and Safety Laws and mitigate risk of heat related incidents in your workplace. Businesses found to be in breach of the new Workplace Health and Safety Act 2011 can face fines of up to $3 million and individuals may be fined up to $600,000.

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Pryme has partnered with internationally recognised suppliers to develop best-in-class hydration and cooling systems. Pryme has the exclusive distributor license for Sqwincher®, Australia’s leading industrial hydration drink and also Chill-Its® innovative range of PPE cooling products.Over the past decade Pryme has partnered with specialist occupational health, safety and wellness consultants to develop heat stress management solutions. Our experience enables us to provide your company with comprehensive hydration and cooling programs to reduce the incidence of risk in the workplace.

Pryme also offers the latest in innovative safety equipment and workwear, through it’s Skin Care, Ergonomics, Winter Warming and Work Wear range.

Operating throughout Australia, New Zealand and SE Asia, Pryme works very effectively with leading Industrial safety suppliers to supply its products to some of the largest organisations in these countries.