“The top 3 causes of falling objects are inadequate risk assessments, procedures and human error”

A tool without a built in eye, or attachment point cannot be tethered as readily. Tails and Traps help create a secure attachment point to ensure tools and objects of all shapes, sizes and design can be made tether ready. Click here to go to Step 1


Tethering an object secures it and prevents falls, tool damage and environment damage. It also prevents injuries and reduces lost time and equipment for increased efficiency. Ergodyne lanyards are third party weight rated for a range of weights, and have a variety of attachment options.Click here to go to step 2


Tethering small objects to a worker is the most obvious solution, as the worker requires tools close at hand. Best safety practise though is to use a separate anchor point, such as an accessory anchor. At this stage, choosing alternative storage solutions like hoist buckets and tool belts is also appropriate. Click here to go to step 3


Clutter in a workplace can increase the risk of trips falls, and result in lost time. Tidying and securing loose items like ropes, pipe cables, gloves rags or bottles can reduce tangles and trips.Click here to go to step 4