Frequently asked questions:

Q:Are the the tethers connectors and buckets weight rated? Are the the tethers connectors and buckets weight rated?

The Ergodyne Hoist Bucket and Lanyard series are stringently tested to numerous criteria at qualified third party testing laboratories. All the products are tagged, or printed with the maximum safe weight capacity, and certificates are available for customer records. Tool Connectors are similarly drop tested and summary reports are available.

Please click here to download these reports and certificates

Q:How often do I need to inspect connectors and lanyards?

All connectors must be inspected by the user daily. It is recommended that connectors also be examined by a supervisor weekly, and no less frequent than monthly.

All tool lanyards must be inspected before use, for secure connections and correct weight capacity. All Lanyards must be retired after a significant fall incident.

Please click here to download guidelines for inspection

Q:How can I tell the difference between a lanyard for people and a lanyard for tools?

All Ergodyne tool lanyards are marked clearly with the weight capacity. Our tool lanyards are weight rated for a much lower capacity {A maximum of 9 kg] than lanyards for people. Correct procedures to check capacities before use must be in place.

Q:Can Lanyards get caught in moving machinery and drag a worker in?

Best practice for preventing such dangerous situations is to anchor all tool tethers, and hoisting equipment on a separate anchor point, using an accessory anchor instead of on a worker’s belt or harness.

Additionally, risk assessments to identify and turn off all energy sources with rotation or mechanical movement can eliminate such risks.

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