So what exactly are Energy Chews?

Endurance sports like running and cycling require huge amounts of energy, and careful fuelling with carbohydrates is required pre-game, during and post-game for optimum performance and tissue repair. In a quest to make more portable and convenient fuelling options, with less fluid and high energy, and electrolytes, innovative formats like gels and chews evolved.

Chews are chewable bite-sized pieces enhanced with carbohydrate, electrolytes and sometimes caffeine. Available in fruity flavours, they are often packaged in small single serve portions that are lightweight and can be taken during activity. Designed to help re-fuel to finish the last leg of long endurance activity, or to fuel before long activity these have quickly found popularity even outside of endurance activities. Chews are now used by weekend athletes, hikers, rock climbers, team sport players, gym-goers and even workers working in intense environments and long shifts.

Are chews for me?

Intense physical activity, for an extended period requires energy, but the body cannot tolerate large amounts of food during exercise. Energy gels, drinks and chews are smaller in volume and have high energy, electrolytes to replace sweat and sometimes caffeine for that extra boost. If you perform long hours of work, or exercise and need small bites of high-energy foods between meal breaks to keep you going then chews might be perfect for you.

Do I need electrolytes?

Just like energy, electrolytes lost in sweat need to be replaced along with fluid. Sqwincher chews are enhanced with electrolytes like sodium and potassium and are a great way to put electrolytes back into your system without a salty aftertaste. At Sqwincher, the focus is on formulating a great taste, so that you are encouraged to eat or drink your electrolytes without feeling like you have to force your body to consume it. Research shows that high palatability increases consumption, particularly of sport drinks, helping you get that fluid you need.

Where can I get them?
Sqwincher Chews are available in 4 great tasting flavours and release later in 2014, will be available through a variety of safety suppliers and grocery outlets in Australia. Follow our Facebook page www.facebook.com/SqwincherAustralia for updates and availability when we launch!