Aussie workers urged to protect against hazards

WITH falling objects the fourth largest killer in the Australian workplace, a leading workplace safety equipment distributor is calling on workers to use proper safety gear.

According to the Notified Fatalities Statistical Report 2009-2010, 14 per cent of fatalities from 2003/2005 to 2009/2010 were from falling objects. It’s the fourth biggest cause of death in the workplace, after vehicle incidents, moving objects and falling from a height.

Workers are urged to avoid serious injury by wearing quality safety gear at work, especially with over 75 per cent of injuries caused by falling objects such as falling materials, substances, hand tools and appliances*.
Managing Director Terry Houlihan said Pryme distributed quality ergonomic and safety protection products designed to keep workers safe and productive in high-risk environments.

“One of our most popular products is the lanyard, the first line of defence to stop objects falling from heights,” he said. “Our Squids™ lanyard range allows workers to secure tools with a number of attachment options ranging from heavy-duty self-locking carabiners and barrel locks to quick connect buckles. We also offer Squids™ grabbers, which are designed to hold a range of equipment including gloves, rags, caps, water bottles and more close at hand items.”

Given the fact that accidents from falling objects occur in a variety of industries including manufacturing (24.9 per cent), construction (14.4 per cent) and retail (12.2 per cent)*, The Squids™ and Lanyard ranges can be used in many different workplaces.
It is best to be prepared as workplace injuries could have a devastating impact on workers and their families.

“Injured workers will often need to take time off from work to recover; this could be anything from four week to three months of leave. Apart from the physical pain, the loss of income can have serious implications on the workers’ finances, their future employment and emotional well-being.”